How can I add a checkout page to my funnel?
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Created by Marvin on 4/26/2021 3:09 AM
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Please see the steps below on how to manually create a checkout page for your funnel. This is especially important for imported funnels since it does not have pre-selected templates. 

From inside your funnel, click on "Add Page" on the top right corner, and from there you can create the checkout page

Checkout 1.png


Once clicked, you'll have the option to choose the name of the page and the type of page you want to create. Make sure to select Checkout Page then select Create New Page. Please note that only need one checkout page per funnel since it is a dynamic page that will change the details of the product that the visitor has selected. 


Checkout 2.png


After that, you'll be able to successfully create the Checkout Page. You can edit the page to see what it would look like on the live page. Do note that depending on the integration you've made on your account, the payment options will change to what is available. Please do make sure to Publish the page to save all the changes. 

Checkout 3.png


In case that your imported Checkout Page does appear to be blank, then you can add elements on your Checkout Page to resolve this issue inside the editor. From the "+" button at the top left of your editor select Kyvio Checkout.

Checkout 4.png


From there make sure to add both Payment Block and Order Summary to complete the Checkout Page then Publish the page to save all the changes.  

Checkout 5.png

With the recent update, we have added an option to select an existing product on the checkout page to see a realistic preview for any of your products & price variants instead of only the dummy data! Just right-click on the payment block or summary block and choose ‘properties’ and it will allow you to choose your product & price variant.

To do this, all you have to do is right-click on the payment or order summary block, select Properties and from there you have the option to choose which product as well as variant you want to preview: 

Checkout 1.png

Checkout 2.png

Once you've selected the product you want to preview, select Apply and see the changes on your checkout page: 
Checkout 4.png

Please note Kyvio Checkout works only for Stripe, Paddle, PayPal, and Kyvio Free. For products configured in other payment providers, the "Buy Button" will redirect the customers to the actual checkout page of the payment provider (if the product is configured correctly)

If you need more help with adding using your Smart Product with your Checkout Page. Please see this article to help you get started: 

Smart Products


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