What is a Funnel
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What is a website?


Hyperlinked pages of information where a person goes out to seek information and consumes it and goes away



What is an eCommerce site?

A site with a catalog of products instead of information and the ability to purchase the products. Often with little information meant for people just shopping around (dopamine) or for people who know what they want already (because they already went out to find information and consumed it).



What is a funnel?

A sequence of web pages that lead people through the decision-making process to either give away their personal information (name + email) to subscribe to an email list or make a purchase.


So it combines the power of a website, providing information on which a decision will be based and the moment of conversion in a way you fully control the process leading to optimal conversions and thus a reliable & scalable online business.


For those who want to get into the theory of this more, we highly recommend looking into the 5 stages of awareness which is a great model on how to build your funnels to lead your visitors through the decision-making process and convert them. In short:


Stage 1: A person is the problem unaware. They don't even know they have a problem yet so you need to tell them about it.


Stage 2: A person is now problem aware. So you need to tell them not to worry. SolutionS are available


Stage 3: A person is now solutionS aware. It is now your task to tell the person why YOUR solution to their problem is best.


Stage 4: A person is now product aware and USP aware (unique selling point; what makes you better than the competition). Now you invite the hot lead to either subscribe or purchase your product for the first time


Stage 5: The last stage called 'most aware' - this is where you pull all marketing tactics out of the hat. Offer discounts, scarcity, use authority, testimonials, etc to close that conversion.






Want to know more? Learn all about 'Customer journeys' - the missing piece in online business most of your competitors either forget or just don't know about. Customer journeys is what gives your online business longevity and true scalability.


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