Kyvio 2.0 Account Settings
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Created by Viktor on 3/25/2021 2:01 AM
Updated by Marvin on 10/11/2021 1:15 AM
When you login into Kyvio 2, on the top right corner of your dashboard you can find the account settings button:
Already inside the account settings? You will see the 4 tabs: Your account, Your profile, Coupons & Invoices & Transaction History  
Your Account
1. From here you can see which packages are active within your account, and their respective names
2. Type of the product
3. Which features do you have access to
4. The date on which the package has been acquired
5. Package cancel button
6. Powerup button for upgrading your account with direct purchase links
Below you will see additional options:
1. By clicking on any of the following arrows, you would open up a window that will display the capabilities of your account regarding the specific module inside 
2. From here you can see which of the Kyvio modules is active within your account ( if you were to have to Basic package, you would not have the Smart Affiliates Module)
3. This button will allow you to send an instant message to our support desk requesting cancelation of your entire account
Your Profile
The editable fields are the following: Company name, First name, Last Name, Support Email, Payment email, Country, City, Zip Code, Preferred Language, Resetting the password.
The Noneditable fields are the following: The Username and the Contact Email.
There is also an option to upload a profile photo.
1. Further down the page, you will be able to find the option to add your Kyvio affiliate link, from which you can expect commission if someone purchases from your page. With that, there is an option to turn off or turn on the Powered by Logo on your pages. 
Note: If you have a Kyvio affiliate link, it would be recommended that you keep the pages with the Logo, as anyone purchasing Kyvio through your pages will snag you an affiliate commission 
2. The option to Restrict your account is not recommended to tick as it will block any access from our support to your Kyvio account, in turn not allowing support to resolve your Kyvio related issues.

The last two buttons on the page are to enable and Save all of the changes you have made on the page and to delete your account.
The Coupons tab allows you to:
1. Add additional coupons as well as to see
2. What are the names of the previous coupons you have added to your Kyvio account
3. Their names and the features they unlock
And the final tab of the Kyvio account setting is the Invoices & Transaction History
1. The date when the transaction has been made
2. The Name of the product within your Kyvio account that you have sold
3. The payment gateway ( PayPal, Stripe, Clickbank, etc.)
4. The amount they have paid and the currency in which the product has been paid
5. If the transaction is still pending or if it is complete
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