Smart Funnels - Funnel Walkthrough
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A walkthrough on various aspects of a funnel that you need to know when you are setting one up.
In the Funnel Overview page, you can see the funnel that you have created. You can also see the following details as reflected in the image below:
  1. Type - shows what type of funnel that you have created. (i.e. Customer Funnel, Sales Funnel, Import Funnel, etc.)
  2. Creation Date - shows when the funnel was created
  3. Last Updated - shows when the funnel was last updated.  
  4. Actions - you have the following options:
            i. Edit: This will allow you to change the pages in your funnel.
            ii. Archive:  This will make your funnel unavailable to view for anyone else anymore in live mode. Therefore, if you have published your funnel previously and you archive it, it's going to go away from view.
            III. Clone: This will clone the entire funnel for you.
            IV. Share: There are two options on how you can share your funnel.
                              First, you can share the funnel with one user that already has access to Funnelvio or the Kyvio system.
                              Second, you can share it publicly at the price that you want to, or you can share it for free.
NOTE: If you have a business site, that is, sort of, your home site for your home funnel for the site that you have created, and you can edit it as you see fit).
From the "Edit Funnel" feature, you can see every page with the following options: (Refer to the image below)
  1. You can edit the Funnel Name as you see fit.
  2. You can change the Front Page and change it to any other page within the funnel.
  3. If you have a lot of pages, you can search the page and find the one that you are looking for quickly.
  4. You will know if the funnel is active (meaning to say, it is published), as it is shown in the status.
      *If you wish to view your active funnel, simply click on the eye button and you will be able to view exactly what the page looks like.
Under the "Actions" section, you can see the following options: (Refer to the image below)
  1. Edit: Let's you edit the page and that will take you to the builder to do so.
  2. Settings: This is the gear icon with the following options: 
                        a. General Settings: This lets you change the general settings such as the Page Name, Page URL, set the page as published or draft, display the "Powered By" at the bottom, and set the option to get paid if someone wants to buy from your link.
                        b. Goal Tracking: This gives you the option to set up your goals such as Sales and Leads tracking.
                        c. Split Test: This will allow you to measure exactly how one version of your page is performing compared to another.
                            *If you wish to add a split test, simply click on "Add New Variation" located at the top left portion of the pop-up box. This will create a new variation for you in the editor. You have the option to customize, publish, and assign as you see fit.
                        d. Traffic Cost: This will help you evaluate your traffic cost. This is good when you want to create a budget sender, see how much money you are sending and how much money you are making in return.
      3. View:  This is the eye icon that lets you view quickly what the exact page looks like.
      4. Clone: If you wish to copy the same page.
      5. Delete: If you wish to remove the page.
      6. Up-Down Arrow: Lets you move the page around that could make it easy for you to locate it later.
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