Funnelvio Editor - How to set a page as a Popup
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Created by Regie on 3/24/2021 6:51 AM
Updated by Marvin on 3/24/2021 12:21 PM
A walkthrough on how to set up a page as a PopUp
1. Inside the builder, start by adding a Menu to the page by clicking on the "Plus" button at the top left corner as shown in the image below:
Then select the "Menu" element.
NOTE: You can choose any of the designs.
2. Set the Name of the item. For this tutorial, we set it as PopUp (1)
3. Select the "Popup" option
4. Set the size of the popup as you see fit. You can also change the size of the PopUp later on if needed.
5. Create a button on another page where you want to link the PopUp. Then edit the Properties.
6. Edit the URL section by clicking on the pencil button.
7. Make sure to select the "Open as PopUp" option. You can also edit the size of the popup here. (Please refer to the image below)
8. Select the page that you want to be shown as a PopUp. For this tutorial, we select PopUp(1) as we have created earlier.
9. Click "Apply"
11. If you wish to edit the content of the PopUp, you can do that by clicking on the Menu and select the PopUp page for you to make the necessary changes.
10. Don't forget to Save and Publish.
That's it!
To test, click on the button where you have linked the page and you should see that the page is opened as a PopUp.
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